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Question-whitePanda for pet!

by Plumeria Rose - May 11, 2010 Star_s13,730 views

Hi, Ameba Peco fans! I got enough ameba gold to adopt a pet, but i can't find a panda!!!
Those of you who already own a panda as pet, is there certain time of the day i can get a panda?
I realy want panda for my daughter(she plays with me, and all she wants to do is go to somebody's panda
and pet them!!) Please help....thank u!!

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well heres waht i suggest
look in all the farms all of them everyday and you might find one


Well..Pandas' are really RARE !...Everyone want a Panda..Actually
I have one but its really soo hard...just go to the pet farm and keep looking if u didnt find just refresh (reload) and Come back to the pet farm and keep looking..P.s: If u want to buy a panda u should have AG (( AmebaGold )) A Panda Costs 600 AmebaGold
I hope that I helped ;)


it really depends on what color you want....Like if if you want a regular panda u can ussually find them in the middle of the day and if you want a colored one you can most likely find it at 7:00 to 9:00, trust me i have 3 pandas on ameba pico.


I would probally go to each Pet park every hour or 15-25 minutes and check since a lot people got facebook credits or got their AG (Ameba Gold) in and are wanting pets, once someone buys one another one comes try that. They are rare, but usally these "Wat this long.." or "everybody has to get out of the pet park" doesnt work. Try checking daily, they come every now and then Hopefully you will find one for your daughter and yourself! :D


go to the mushroom forest and find the stump with two weeds with flowers to the left of it. stand to the right of the stump and it will transport you. you have a higher chance of getting a panda there then in the other forest and the pet farm. it is rare and it costs 600 Ameba Gold.


how get amebagold? asking me ?


um my friend had to wait 5 hours 4 hers i hope this help :)


Just Wait SometimeTill the Panda Goes out i dont have AG and a pet But I Saw A Panda with Prize Just Wait Sometime


it is only for ameba pigg

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