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by Abigail DuBois Compton - Sep 20, 2010 Star_s522 views

I don't know who thought that the new toy sheep limited edition collection reward is better than the gem trophy reward both rewards are worth 0 coins.  The new sheep toy reward takes up about as much space as a dairy barn...At least the gem trophy wasn't a space hog on the farm.
I think they should give you a choice of particapating in these extras instead of all these things just poping up while you are working on your farm I'm having enough interuptions OOS,Saving the farm,Farm has been enhance,Your session is stale.  I'm getting these messages when I first log in and right after I refresh.
Just would like my neighbors know that I am trying my best to be neighborly but I can not get to their farm when I'm steadily refreshing my page.  I can send gifts and return gifts without too much trouble...will be visiting as soon as possible.   Thxs Farmville Family

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12-em-plus add reply

the gemstone trophy for gmstone collection
the sheep toy for toy collection
the leaf pile pig for autumn collection
and the cow snow globe for the snow collection......i liked the trophy and the globe


No one forces you to participate in ANY collection. Just delete the items. No one forces you to have the reward for a limited edition collection ON your farm -- if you do not want to allocate space for it, just sell it or store it.

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