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Light-bulbGet free farmcash (How to convert fb credits into Farm cash)

by Saurabh Agrawal - Sep 21, 2010 Star_s1,508 views

If you have some trouble converting fb credits to fv cash please check this link.
May be it will help.
If you already know this please ignore this but if you like it please share it with others.

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12-em-plus add reply

i have seen the blog..
many posts of the blog are really of GREAT use for farmville players who wants to level up faster..
great work..


And also thank you for checking the blog and commenting.
I appreciate that at least you told what you felt.
But I am trying to bring as many information as I can together.
So this might need some copy paste but I do give credit to person from whom the information was taken.
Also I use this blog to try to inspire people all that are connected through farmville to work for one good cause that is working to make our earth a beautiful as it was and to reduce pollution etc.


sorry but you cant say that.
About earning more than 10000 xp or more is original
about Haiti is original
about more than 300000 coins is original
all the latest addition of farmville are done by me
All other tips that I give are mostly out of my experience.
And all the things which I have taken from others I have said thank you in my post.
Do check the blog
properly before accusing me.
The only help that I have taken so far in farmville is snag bar.
And rest I have done my self.


Is there anything ORIGINAL on your blog? Seems to be all just copy and paste from other sites and no credit given :|

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