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Question-whiteSnag Bar intermittent snagging after Facebook/Firefox/Flash update

by Kim Parrott - Sep 24, 2010 Star_s289 views

To post here I had to use Chrome, every time i'd try to start a topic Firefox crashes....
I'm using the latest version of Firefox 3.6.10 and the latest version of Flash 10,1,85,3
Both updated within a day of each other and then there was the Facebook update to the gifting....ever since then my Snag Bar has been snagging item here and there every now and then when before it would snag every 30 secs 10 or more the moment it's at "0" not snagging anything....
I uninstalled and reinstalled the bar and when I started it, it snagged 10 items in a jiffy and then stopped again....I just can't find anyone having this issue at the moment, i've searched everywhere on this site....all posts date back to July and August....

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12-em-plus add reply

I am having the same issue and cannot find anyone who can help me resolve the issue. Snag bar works great on my desktop but I am having the same issue as you are on my laptop. Also I cannot play Family Feud on the laptop but it works fine on my desktop...PPPLLLEEAASSSEEEE can someone not help with this issue????????

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