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Light-bulbCan Someone Please Get Me The Rainbow Tree,White Apple Tree,And Rain Barel

by Rachel Terrell - Sep 25, 2010 Star_s782 views

I know you need a iphone or a get these items,and you'll need my email,and facebook password to do so.Please help me get these items added to my farmville please.Contact me on facebook.

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, Bobbie Jo, you probably did, because I signed on on my iphone as my friend and I got her stuff for her, so it is easy to do. You have to sign in on Facebook as your friend and then sign on FV and whoever is connected on FB is the one whose farm is affected. Then just buy whatever you want.


I tried to send iphone gifts to my farmville account last night from a friends iphone, it would only send iphone gifts to other iphone friends.
they can't get gifts on their iphone either.
bummer. I may have done it wrong. :)

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