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Question-whiteFriends and Neighbors Requests

by Gwen Hopkins-Banks - May 12, 2010 Star_s308 views

After you're accepted as a friend on Farmville, do you always then have to send a neighbores request? Im being accepted and accepting as friend, but neighbors are not coming thru

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12-em-plus add reply

Steph- you do not need to add 5 friends here on Gamers Unite for the Snag Bar to work. It's only an added function when you do add 5, it shows a detailed list of all the items collect by the Snag Bar . Other than that all your collected items automatically gets deposited into your in-game gift box.


I'm having the same problem and until you have 5 friends who have this game bar you cant collect anything! want to add me as a friend?


And there lies he problem,lolIm sending neighbor request after being accepted and thyre all pending.SIGH!!!! What was the use of accepting friends


If you want to be their FV neighbors, you have to send a neighbor request.

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