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Light-bulbDissappearing Nurseries- 5 with 200 foals and calves

by Carmen Bekker - Sep 29, 2010 Star_s178 views

5 nurseries have just dissappeared overnight containing 200 foals and calves, anyone with similar issues?  Don't know if it's just a glitz and they'll come back or what?
I don't think it's fair play at all, I didn't trade (not sure how to) just enjoyed breeding and posting them up as gifts for any of the farmers I play with.....I've spent a lot of $, was not aware it was outside the rules, and only received aropund 30 calves and 100XP. No where makes up for the special foals and calves taken. A personal warning to players in days leading up to taking the nurseries would have been fair play, FV posts enough crap throughout playing the game, there is no excuse for not warning.
Sadly it feels more like a rip off.. and has taken a lot of the fun out of it

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please see the sticky at the top of the page.


Some how people were able to buy more than 1 nursery... the game only allows one per farm.... if you have more than one FV will be removing them... I guess only to be fair to the other farmers... sorry!!


I just lost my nursey as well.....What"s up? How can u take something off our farms?


I don't think they left my animals in my gift box. They might have left some but not a 100 as there are only 102 now and I had at least 50 gifts in my gift box last night. Some official warning would have been nice!! Does anyone know if there was an official post about this????


The same has happened to me last night with 2 nurseries. In return, gave me 100FV and left my animals in the gift box.


I have lost three nurseries with 100 foals and calves. I think they have been removed as there are no shadows where they used to be. I also have an extra 100 farmcash and I am thinking the nurseries have been removed and compensated for with the farmcash. Weren't we only supposed to be able to get one nursery? If they have been removed then we should have been told this was going to happen. Has anyone else had this happen?? We have been expanding our nurseries only to have them taken away.

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