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Light-bulbWhy you unable to breed your foals from stables? [MUST READ]

by Ғасєвффк Әят - Sep 29, 2010 Star_s439 views

Hello every one ♥
Why you unable to breed your foals from stables? There are so many TIPS and Guidance about "How to Breed Foal From Stable", and almost all the TIPS are working and many of farmer gets New foals from their Stable Daily. But why you are not getting any foals from your stable? Even though you tried all the TIPS about Breeding, but you didn't get any foal! WHY?
The main reason is (which we found, only!) that, your horse stable didn't works on normal state from farmville server because farmville were going "Out Of Sync Error" to many times in past, that's why now today farmville don't recognize your horse stable on normal state. If you want to get normal state of your horse stable, then you have to take a step that you didn't ever thought.
To make your horse stable on normal state, you have to DELETE your horse stable and re-build new horse stable. But before deleting the horse stable, please remove all the horses from it and remember we said "DELETE" the horse stable, not to "SALE" it.
We suggest you this TIP, because we have several farmer which has these problem, and when we said that to do this step, they get better breeding as compare their old horse stable. May be you will get better too. Well there is no big deal we said :) except to DELETE the stable.
You can re buy the stable after deleting the old stable, when you delete your old stable then refresh your farm and then buy new stable!

We will make a tutorial for "How to breed the foal better" very soon!
Thank You

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12-em-plus add reply

gee link to outside sources much? a bit overkill. and to answer u Trert its because the poster is obaid under a diff name im sure. they both type the same way


hahah i knw this tip and its working :)
but what is this ???
why you copy the post from ???

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