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Question-whiteOne Click Harvest, Seed and Plow!

by Ganesh Ram - Sep 30, 2010 Star_s259 views

So how does this new vehicle/machine works? Does it use 3 fuel per plot.. If so, then what's the use of buying it if you have a tractor, harvestor and seeder??!

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12-em-plus add reply

it harvests ,seeds and plows att the fallow plots n withered plots all in one click
u have to build one wid the parts first and then put it in the garage and renew it wid the parts again !!
its a hectic process wid much more parts than ever
but worth the effort


"If so, then what's the use of buying it if you have a tractor, harvestor and seeder??!"
It saves alot of time. You will get a "farm all" option on your garage once you have the Conbine finished and inside. If you use it, you will have to pick your seed as if you are using your seeder, then you simply click and it will harvest, plow and seed then selected plots, all with just one click. You can still upgrade it to do larger areas.
As for how much fuel it uses, i have no idea. I'm never worried to run out of fuel so i never payed any attention to it.


Not sure, I am trying to build it now. I think it would be a good time saver...

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