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Light-bulbMissing Nursery Barn

by Sandy Asher - Oct 01, 2010 Star_s53 views

One of my nursery with 40 baby animals has been missing for the past three days. Seems like every since you all have allowed neighbors to do up to Five things when they visit someone's farm things are not the same. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MY COMPLETE NURSERY BACK ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                     THANK YOU VERY MUCH                                                                                 Sandy Asher

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12-em-plus add reply

The second post on this board (first in yellow) explains it all...


this week's podcast said if u had more than one nursery they would be stealing the others. u should have gotten 100 fv cash for them taking your nursery, that's what the podcast said, i got the fv cash and they put my animals in my gift box. i did empty and sell the animals in my other nurseries before they got to that one.

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