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by Sharon Pyburn - Mar 11, 2010 Star_s962 views

I have found that if you buy the Damsel fish, you can let it grow for a day and a half and even before the first time you have to feed them you can seel them for 351XP - If you have many tanks like I do, then this really works. You have to keep the cycle going.

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best bet is to go 'master fish' buy cloudy damsel fish, it grows in a day buy 375 sell 600 xp gain 310 and sell xp gain 310 slightly lower than yelow belly helmet, or maybe can try longhorn cowfish buy just only 49 but sell at 221 abit higher profit buy xp 35 only but sell xp gain 315 !!!


You Best Bet is to go with the " Mastery Fish " Do the Yellow Belly Hamlet - It Grows in a day -- Sells for 450 and you gain 325xp for putting the fish in the tanks and when you sell it .. so altogether you get 650'per day XP
If you looking at the Black Hamlet it grows in 1.5 days and it Sells for 675 --- with 400 XP .. that is added both when you put the fish in the tank and when you sell so that would be 800 XP / 1 1/2 days


The blue box fish earns 1200 XP. :-)


Its been working for me. Thanks!


Thats an awesome Idea... Thanks

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