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Light-bulbAdvise for the beginner...

by Wes Chaney - Mar 12, 2010 Star_s16,117 views

Focus on protecting resources, being a smart defender, and attacking within your means. Time is also important so upgrade your 4 knights in the Knights Hall to improve everything that happens in this game. Don't be afraid to take level 2 wildernesses early in the game. Upgrade your wildernesses as you build might.

A) First thing, build resources as high as you can. Early investment pays off later!

1) Build and upgrade storehouses in both your cities.
2) Research Shrinking powder to increase storehouse capacity.
3) Troops are resources, set to hide if your army is not more than 15k strong.
4) Build Markets and upgrade slightly.
5) Whatever resources you can't keep safe with storehouses, you can set for sale on market at 999k of resource for 99g each. In other words, set the buying amount for 999999 and the buying price for .1 and you’ll protect roughly 100,000 gold cause it’s tied up in the market. If anyone attacks, they can’t get it.
6) Build with friends. Facebook wants us to network so do it; it pays off by building faster.

More to come....

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12-em-plus add reply

For the absolute beginner -
1. Follow the quests completely up to around 10,000 might - do not forget to complete the quests using the button
2. Try and squeeze in getting your storehouse to around level 4 - this should give you enough resources in the beginning should your city get raided by another player.
3. Try and toss in a big construction item when you log off for a while. I would suggest knights hall since this will boost your knights up quickly.
4. You need a minimum of 4 knights as quickly as possible - assign each one a role within knights hall and boost their skills up according to their role - i.e. boost politics for your foreman, intelligence for your alchemist
5. Suggest you have a 5th knight around level 10 - he will show as idle through knights hall - you should boost his combat as he levels up since he will be your first attack knight
6. As you learn the game and start thinking about 2nd city...start getting more knights ready. These new knights will need to fill the city roles for 2nd city. You will want to start them off in your first city and build their skills according to the role they will fill - i.e. 2nd city steward...boost his resourcefulness. You start them out in first city because at this point your knights hall should be around level 5 or 6 (preferably level 9) and they will gain level more quickly compared to starting them off in 2nd city with a level 1 knights hall.
7. Capturing a wilderness can boost your resource production. Once you start creating soldiers plan on capturing some lower level wilderness to boost resources. Review the link at bottom to see a strategy used for capturing without losses to your army at the lower levels.

2nd city
1. If you have built up your first city with a good range of resource production then you can jump into second city construction without having too much initial focus on building resources there. Transporting supplies to second city will allow you to focus on defenses (i.e. storehouse).
2. Get a storehouse to level 4 as quickly as possible. This again will give you breathing room to continue construction should you get raided. Gauge your storehouse level needs on the average level of construction. At some point you will be dropping over a million resource for items such as wall and castle.
3. Think about building up your resources 1 plot at a time. This can save deconstruction time should you find an imbalance. Go from level 1 to level 9 before building second plot of same 1 of each in the field and take them up 1 level at a time together.

Tips - if you have built your second city far away from the first, use relief station to speed up transport between cities.

Review this -


best thing to do is to use up your resources, upgrade buildings, make an army...only till your walls are at full strength and you have confidence to defend your city, should you worry about letting your resources build up.


join an alliance that has an agreement that gold can be shipped to an alliance member and then be returned when the attack is over. Or send your gold and resources over your storehouse cap to a wilderness you own.


selling or buying in the market no longer protects anything, if you get attacked and your walls get breached, it will cancel all sales and the victor will get the spoils


took your advice - lost all gold!!!! cannot set at 999999 set at 999000 which was rounded off & sold @99 900 then attacked - so that doesn't work anymore.


took your advice - lost all gold!!!! cannot set at 999999 set at 999000 which was rounded off & sold @99 900 then attacked - so that doesn't work anymore.


spell check (soz for being an arse about it) but its Advice not advise just trying to help =D

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