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Question-whiteIs is a time limit or farm limit on how many farms you can fertilize per DAY ???

by Printessa Bless - May 13, 2010 Star_s207 views

Farmville runs slow, & after a hour of trying to fertilize my neighbors farms, it wont let me fertilize anymore, it keep saying neighbor or person is out of fertilizer , & all I can do is shoo animals away.

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12-em-plus add reply

I can confirm what Sarah said in her post. FarmVille was actually working well today (would someone please go check hell and make sure it hasn't frozen over?), so I was able to visit all of my neighbors today. Chicken Coop feeding stop after the 25th farm and fertilizing stopped after the 50th farm.


I have seen that too. I think there's a PER farm limit. You can (likely) fertilize unlimited farms a day, but you can't fertilize the same farm twice?


The limit is 50. Or was. I don't know if it's been changed. And the chicken limit is 25.


Hmm, I used to be able to fertilize a little over 50 farms in about an hour. I don't know if they changed it or not.

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