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Question-whitesnag bar preferences

by Kerri Flitcroft - Oct 07, 2010 Star_s200 views

Ok I have search the forum for this one again. My snag bar preferences is NOT working. I am being inundated with unwanted items in the gift box. I have unchecked everything I do not want or need and the snag bar continues to snag those items. This morning alone I had 588 items in my gift box and the majority of them were unwanted items snagged with the snag bar. I have read all the posts on this on how to check or uncheck and done it all but the snag bar continues to snag. Could I please get someone, anyone to help me out here so I am not getting things I do not want in my giftbox?

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12-em-plus add reply

Having the same trouble! won't go into preferences at all!


I can't even find the Preference


I am having the same issues and with the limit now its really irritating me...

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