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by Jesse Parault - Oct 10, 2010 Star_s977 views

ok does the black stallion foul still turn into the black stallions or black horses i heard rumors saying saying different things just wanted to know before i waste my time

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12-em-plus add reply

Ok, I realize that this is just a game.. but how come it can be relatively realistic when it comes to other things.. and then when it comes to what the animals grow up into its, well... insane. In what world does a black horse grow up into a cream horse..??


Just a note:
Any foal or calf you value, DON'T put them in the nursery. You will lose a baby for each adult produced. The ONLY cows you will get from the nursery are the chocolate and Holstein. Foals are a little better. Your best bet there is to place clydesdale and cream draft (Cream Draft Horse), pony foals (black pony foal-Black Pony, other pony foals-Blue Pony) and the minis (Cream Mini). Other than those you will get a black appaloosa horse regardless of whether you use a Haflinger foal or a brown one.


thanks guys


I don't think so. What you can do is put the foals in the nurs. barn then place your mouse over them, it will tell you what it grows into. If you don't like what it grows into, just take it out...


Sorry Jessie but rare Horses will all grew black horse, last february the black stallion foal will grew balck stallion, but now they changed it to grow black. sorry for my grammar. im Filipino. not so sharp in English.

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