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Question-whiteLayering or stacking crops

by Shaaron Wismer - Oct 10, 2010 Star_s14,542 views

I came across instructions for layering or stacking crops a long time ago. Now I cannot find it. Does anyone have this information. Please help. I can't keep up with my facilities

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12-em-plus add reply

to layer yo u have to start with an empty field the ope up as my pages as you wan t to layer go off line it the green button at the top of page plow on at a time till you done plant on one field at a time and once she is throught harvesting all you can close you pagse slowley it use to work this way dont know if it will any more are not


Working with Crop Layers on Farm Town:
Working with crop layers isn't difficult and opens a whole new dimension to the game. Not only does it allow you to earn extra experience points, but it increases the farms yield, reduces the amount of crop space needed, increases the return for the harvesters, allows you to grow multiple days at the same time and is fun!


Yield: You can produce many times the amount and value of a single crop layer in the same time period. XP: You recieve 2 points for every field you plant, and with 4 layers, that gives you 8 points per field, plus one for the plow making 9 points per field. So if you plant pumpkins now, the fields are out of use for 4 days, and you earn 3 xp's for those 4 days. With layering, you can have 1, 2 and 3 day crops on top of the pumpkins, so those fields then earn 9 points for the same period, and of course, you gain a lot of coins for the extra crops! Space: You save space with layering, as you no longer have to keep so much planted area to return the xp and coins. A plot of 100 fields will produce the equivalent of 400 fields using just 4 layers! (Lots more room for other things like that!)


Myspace Users:
Plowing: You can hire to plow between harvests. Once a layer is harvested, the fields can be repeatedly plowed as many times as you like until the next crop is ready for harvest..


Ok, like all things, there are down-sides. The ones I have found so far are:

Time: it takes is much longer than normal single layer planting, but it's once a cycle, rather than all day long!
You can't plant the same crops on different layers. This has been tried several times, and the servers put the two together as one. You will get the xp for the planting and be charged, but not the return on the harvest.
Deleting the harvested layers: This can be a pain, but has now been improved with the rapid delete function of the dozer. Each field has to be deleted using the bulldozer, one field at a time.
Planting straight after a plow: Don't do it! If you plant over layers that already exist, you will lock the layers in, and unlocking is a complicated process, and will be outlined in a different post. The way to avoid this is to always allow the plow to finish, then refresh the game. If the fields stay plowed, then you can plant, if they return to harvested, then you still have crops underneath!
Layering up on Farm 2 and 3 can be touchy! You need to make sure that all the tabs are on the right farm and offilne before you start!
Here's the method:


Open your game, harvest the crops and plow.
Go Offline, using the plug symbol on the top tool bar
RIGHT CLICK on Play, and open in new tab (or new window) (I will refer to them as tabs from hereon, since that's the method I use personally)
Go to the new tab (or new window) and take that one offline too
Repeat the process from 3. until you have all the tabs you need, and all are offline. 4 tabs will allow for 4 different crops, 5 will give you 5 crops and so on. The number of tabs you need is dependent on what your pc will do and what you want to plant.

Make sure you have enough coins to cover the full cost of planting all the layers! A rough guide for 500 fields is: for one day crops, allow no less than 100,000 coins, for 2 day, 350,000, 3 day 550,000 and if you want to mix them up, then 700,000 should see you through! This can get considerably larger depending on the number of fields you plant, the types of crops, and the number of layers.

Plant crops in day order, longest time period crop first. This only matters if you are planting multiple days, or raspberries and grapes. For example, if you are planting 1, 2, 3 and 4 day crops, plant them in reverse order. So the order would be pumpkins on the first tab, coffee on the second tab, peas on the third and Cabbage on the last. There is no reason why you can't mix and match the crops on each tab, so long as they all have the same growth time, i.e. cabbage, strawberries, watermelon and potatoes all on the one layer. just take care not to plant different time crops on a tab, as it will affect the crops further down. you don't want a 3 day crop above a one day crop, do you?

Plant the entire area you want to layer on the first tab, then save it. Don't be tempted to swap from one tab to another, the crops will all get mixed up if you do.

Close the tab down and start with the next layer. Keep saving after each tab is finished until you get to the final one, when you save and refresh. If you get the timeout screen, save, don't hit the green tick! (This process can take a while, so it isn't unusual for the tabs to time out before you get round to using them)

Don't worry about the xp and coins counters, they will catch up at the end. If you want to check your points tally, then make a note of the starting xp, then when you refresh after the last layer, note that number too, deduct the one from the other and be amazed!


This is simple if you follow the steps below:

When the first layer is ready for harvest, call in the harvesters!
Myspace Users: You now have two choices;

You can plow the harvested layer, but DO NOT PLANT ON IT! Refresh your screen and plow it again! Every time you plow, the xp and coins count will be correct, both for you and the helper, but, you will be charged the rate for plowing, with 10, 15 or 20 coins, depending on the method you use. This is great if you have loads of money, to help your neighbours or buddies to level up, but if you are short of cash, don't do it! You can plow the layer right up until the time for the next crop to be harvested, at which time you go to second choice. This option has now been disabled for Facebook users.
The second choice is simply to remove the harvested fields using the bulldozer. You get green grass when you do this, which can be worrying, but when you finish clearing, just refresh and the next layer becomes visible. you can then go ahead and harvest if it's ready, (if you planted all the same term crops, it would be) or wait for it to ripen to harvest.

Facebook users only have the clear option available.
When you reach the final layer, harvest and plow, ready to replant, then refresh to make sure that all the crops are removed.

One final note:

There is no guarantee that this will not change in the future. the game is under development and if the developers consider this to be a "glitch" they may well stop it without notice! Do this at your own risk!

It may take a while for you to work out the best plan for you, so try a small area first and see how it works.

Have fun!
Good Luck Sharon....hope this helps..:))



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