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Question-whiteHow do you change your "default" home?

by Karey Kumorek- Foster - Oct 11, 2010 Star_s2,654 views

I have visited some Yoville-ians and went directly to a house that they own.  When people visit me, they come to my original apartment.  How do I make my house the default place neighbors go to when visiting me???  I appreciate the help!

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12-em-plus add reply

how do you edit a road to a house any help would be nice


hi, i dont have this 'home' thingy on the top of the page..


Thanks so much, Justin!


Thanks Justin, that info helped me too


At the top right corner of your room ,you click on the name... it should say something about your appartment.When you click on it, It will open up to a box where you can rename it, lock it (so nobody can walk in on you while you have visitors,redecorate,ect.), and you can set as your default home... hope this helps :)

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