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Light-bulbFarmville Limited Time: Autumn Collection

by Hurmi Mälk - Oct 22, 2010 Star_s773 views

Farmville has introduced new Limited Time Collections: Autumn
Collection. For a limited time collect Autumn-themed items, then redeem the complete collection for XP, coins and a special prize. You can start collecting these by spreading some seed. To complete the Autumn Collection you need 10 of Acorn,
Maple Leaf, Pumpkin, 7 of Cornucopia and Feather and 3 of Moon Token.
Reward for the Autumn Collection is Fall Pig Leaves
You can find these collectibles while seeding on your farm.
List of Collectibles:
Fall Acorn – 10 – 1 FV Cash Each,
Fall Maple Leaf -10 – 1 FV Cash Each,
Fall Pumpkin – 10 -1 FV Cash Each,
Fall Cornucopia – 7 – 2 FV Cash Each,
Fall Turkey Feather – 7 -2 FV Cash Each,
Fall Moon Token – 3 – 3 FV Each.
Reward For The Autumn Collection: Fall Pig Leaves

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12-em-plus add reply

Might want to be careful how you set these things out....some people could think that if they get, for example, 3 Fall Moon Token, they could get 3 FC. People can be funny lol

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