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Light-bulbMy Town Building Guide

by Bebe Lee - Feb 10, 2010 Star_s3,255 views

My town is a fun and addicting game. You can build up a bustling metropolis with many different building structures including various styles of homes, businesses, and city buildings such as the supermarket or town hall. You can decorate your city with trees, benches, sidewalk and other items.

*Purchase Buildings*
The game has many different types of homes and business buildings that you can purchase with Game Coins and more become available as you level up. Each building will earn you a certain amount of coins and experience(XP) in return.

*Collection Timer*
Each property has a collection timer that decides when you can earn coins and XP.
You must be online before the collection timer runs out or you won’t get the full amount of coins for your property. Some homes take longer than others to be ready, but reward more coins at the end of that time. You can judge which buildings to get so to maximize your earnings when you're online. Once you collect from a property, you can reset its timer to make the building start working for your next collection.

*Free Roads*
The roads are free. There are different types of roads including straight, turn, 4 way, and end cap. Some simple trees, shrubs and decos are also free. Use these free items to make your city look nicer.

*City Buildings*
City Buildings include gas station, supermarket, town hall, grade school, graveyard, airport, fire station, church, airport and football stadiums. These buildings don’t earn you coins they instead give you more experience to help you level up faster.

*Free Gifts*
You can send free gifts such as buildings, trees and small pond to your MyTown neighbors and friends, in hope that your friends will return the favor by gifting back to you. More gift choices will be available to you as you level up.

*Town Expansion*
You can expand your town in any direction and give yourself more room to build.
There are two ways to expand your town. The first one requires that you have certain number of neighbors to unlock expansion levels and some game coins. If you don’t have that many neighbors you can also unlock expansion levels with TOWN CASH.

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