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Light-bulbMissing one of my barns

by Sandy Asher - Oct 25, 2010 Star_s35 views

My nursery barn has been missing now for over a month. As soon as I expanded it came up missing . I seen that you all had posted problems with other people  missing things and it was suppose to get it back. Could you all help me in returning my nursery barn????                                                                              Thank You, Sandra Asher

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12-em-plus add reply

you are only allowed to have 1 total nursery barn
for you to be able to buy more than 1 was a glitch
zynga removed everyones extra nursery barns and if you had 1 extra or 5 extra they gave 100 farmville cash
in place of it all your animals was supposed to be in your gift box that was in the barn when they removed it
but alot of ppl said they lost most animals
So you will not get your extra nursery barn back..........
if you want to contact zynga or search there forums about this
go to

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