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Question-whiteRavenwood Fair - Clearing Thorns

by Kat Burtick - Oct 26, 2010 Star_s1,700 views

I've been playing for a couple days now, and I'm trying to clear the thorns around a Whack-A-Bug game and a Thunderbox.  Everytime I go to clear the thorny branches, my pet says "These thorns are too strong right now, let's try later." 
Any suggestions?????

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12-em-plus add reply

same with me...and i never had any quests...and doesn't allow me to visit friends!!! can anyone help please?


You can only clear them if you have the quest allowing you to do so. I was trying for days to clear de-thorn one of the games, only to find I was trying de-thorn the wrong one. I believe there are 5 in total to clear, so be sure you're working on the correct one!


I cleared all the trees around it when it said that to me and then it let me...hope this helps


other times u have to wait till ur a certain level


You will get missions later on that requires the thorns to be cleared. You cannot clear them before you get the missions.

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