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Question-whiteFragrance do I use this???

by Trista Leanne Kucewicz - Oct 26, 2010 Star_s778 views

I have a fragrance machine, but can't figure out how to collect it...someone please help and explain how this thing works!


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12-em-plus add reply

They are a way to earn some extra money while in game.

First build your fragrence machine, then your customers will have a perfume bottle symbol over their head... click on it

If you have no perfume in your maker then you'll be prompted to make some. There are a few things to notice about the fragrances. There are 4 different TABS with 4 different perfumes. In order to obtain access to the 2nd tab, you need to master the 1st. To do that you need to make perfume and then click on people who have the icon on their head - doing this will give you gold.

The higher up you get the more money you can make from the perfume.

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