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Light-bulbRavenwood Fair Tips

by Chris Winfrey - Oct 29, 2010 Star_s6,422 views

Tip: Clear the forest to get materials. You can also ask your friends to send you some for free.
Tip: Be sure to place things away from the forest's edge. It's determined to take the space back.
Tip: Use multiple Protectors to protect your whole clearing.
Tip: Increase you Fun rating by building games and keep your supplies stocked to get visitors.
Tip: Remember, you can ask your friends for decorations and get them for free.
Tip: Remember that you get exciting loot drops from trees too.
Tip: Tree Sap and Lady Bugs are found out in the forest,through gifts or by solving quest.
Tip: More attractions means more fun and more visitors.
Tip: The Wonder site is on the north side of the hill.
Tip: Place the hotdog carts close to a Thunderbox. Your visitors will thank you.
Tip: Don't build your attractions so close to the edge of the forest.
Tip: Though you can build anywhere, well spaced Fairs are more fun.
Tip: Be sure to keep the grounds clear of thorns!
Tip: Buildings add Fun to your fair and make your visitors happy.
Tip: You can find Crystals all over Ravenwood Fair.
Tip: Place decorations throughout your map to add beauty.
Tip: Remember to keep your attractions full of supplies so you collect the most money.
Tip: Protectors keep monsters away and sometimes give you exciting prizes.
Tip: Remember to place things away from the forest edge or reguraly trim it back so your new            purchases don't get thorned.
Tip: The fastest way to clear trees, is to use the Beaver Chop Power Up.
Tip: Visit your neighbors to get energy, food, XP, and Coins.
Tip: To Clear the strong thorns around games,be sure to chop trees around it.
Tip: Click on scared visitors so it will calm them down and start spending money at the fair.
Tip: Remember to save some wood to build future games and buildings.
Tip: Clear out some trees so it does not get too crowded.

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how do i add ravenwood neighbors that arent on my facebook freinds? someone pleassee help me. idk what to do i have no neighbors bc my freinds dont play this game.


I found a cheat that has helped me ALOT! I use the two accounts so i can send myself gifts when they are needed, I have learnt a trick to send myself the same gift as many times as i need it. When you see the " ask friends" link and your able to click it on ANY gift you need, Dont click share yet, Click " ask friends " 6 times MAKE SURE you dont click share yet. Then once you have done that you may press share and the link to share will be there 6 times, So you can then share it 6 times on your wall. So you can send yourself that gift now (or a friend) 6 times, I sometimes need 20 things so i post it 20 times and me or a friend will then easily send myself 20 items in one go.


Have more than one FB-account and whenever you need collectables that only can be sent to you make all requests, log into the second account and send them to yourself! Do you need alot? Refresh your game and make new requests because you can only request the same thing once while playing. Restarting the game "zero" the request and you can get a whole lot more!!

If you need alot of food then be sure to send alot of gifts to your friends, food is a reward for gifting!


RE: Lots of wood. You might consider clearing out an uncovered space, ten squares by 20 or something large like that with no protectors in it. Then cover everything else with grass or dirt path or decor or whatever. Refresh your screen then use a Sleeping Potion. A few seconds later, the empty spaces will be filled with trees. You can do this over and over again, as long as you have sleeping potions.

Re: Crystals. Above ground, they are in the rocks you can bust up. The only times I've seen them from trees is when I need them for some quest (the game seems to "know" what I need and drops them thru the trees). Below ground, in Ravenstone Mines, they can be found in only one type of rock, the Crystal Rock. Even them, you won;t always get a crystal, other than when you have a quest that requires them (again, the game seems to "know"). OF course, you can always ask neighbors for them

The Wonder site on the north side looks like a Thunderbox... it's there.

RE: Beaver chop. You can buy it with FB credits (BOO!) but usually, you can get them from the trees... albeit infrequently (just like the Prairie Dog Party which is AWESOME!).


Any way to get large amount of wood easily.... i'm building a Den of panthers... any easy way to complete it... please help... thanks in advance...


i cant find any crystals in my fair and i need them for building do i have to be sent them by friends. thanks for the info by the way.


"The Wonder site is on the north side of the hill." My whole place is cleared and I can't find a damn thing, anybody else having problems with this?


if you don`t want monsters appear every minute, leave one of them in a corner surrounded by protectors :)

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