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Question-whiteZynga live chat

by David Koprivica - Nov 02, 2010 Star_s13,280 views

Does anybody know what's the link to FV live chat at Zynga?

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Looks like Karin's link below doesn't work anymore :( More updates on Zynga chat on this thread:


this is the third time I write the latter
I found my FV cash become less and less
bur I didn't buy anything have to use fv cash
my fv cash since 90 to 74
and 74 become 57
and yesterday I found the problem
I use watering can on tree
and I watering can too quickly
and my fv cash buckle
I don't why?
I have many friends play farmville together
I have over the 100 watering can
why buckle my fv cash
any body can help me?


thnks that worked... :)


Apparently live chat is not always available. Typical Zynga.


This is the link I was given.

Below is another 'method' I've seen posted around but have not needed to try. 
Please read the instructions carefully.

2. Click on Support(Bottom of farmville page) 
3. After clicking on Support, you will be connected yo zynga support.. 
5. Paste it in That zynga support page(Point 3).. 
You will be connected to zynga Live chat..

As I have said, neither is tested - just putting them up for you to try.

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