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Question-whiteShare extra gifts

by Giffin Bowen - May 16, 2010 Star_s220 views

Is there any way to share items in your gift box with your friends, for example I have 11 puppy kibbles and I know several people who need them is there any way I can send mine to them?

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12-em-plus add reply

Thanks, I didn't think so but knowing myself figured I was missing something.


Not now .. but this would be really great!!!! Some ppl need somth.and I gotta sell it for NOTHING!
Sharing would be wonderful!


No...sorry to say


In short - no. This is a feature many of us have been asking for, but as of yet, sharing gifts is not available. The only option is to use your gifts or sell them. In the case of puppy kibble however, when you sell it, you don't get any coins for it.

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