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Light-bulbHelping neighbors with catering orders

by Diana Stafford - Nov 05, 2010 Star_s970 views

There are times when I want to help a neighbor, but they're not showing up in my help friends window.  A few have requested and when I try to accept I get an error.  I would like to help them, but don't know how to get around these problems.

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I have neighbors who I know are doing catering missions but they are not on the help friends list. I go to my FB friends list to see if they are still friends with me and they are. I can see their posts, but I cannot see their catering missions. I check my neighbors list and they may be on there as "Zynga Waiter" but they are on there. I have one who added me to a catering job, but I can't add her. I only see about 7 people on my help friends list but I know there are a lot more.


if you want to help friends you have to go to he help friends section of the catering menu you will see them one at a time the mission the are on and you have to choose the ones you want to help. This is also a good way to find out who is cooking what are doing what catering job if you find a lot of your friends doing the same job that my be the one you want to try you will be through with it and no time.... hope this helps

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