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Light-bulbhow to get seedlings

by Sherryl Libardoni - Nov 06, 2010 Star_s2,114 views

How do you get seedlings for the orchards?  Thanks in advance for the help

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Build your Orchard. Place trees from your farm into Orchard. Harvest your Orchard.
Harvesting gives you a chance at earning a new Mystery Seedling. Place this Mystery Seedling on your farm and be sure to water it 10 times. Once it has been watered 10 times, it will grow into a new, upgraded version of one of your trees. You can then place that tree on your far, or you can place it into your Orchard.

Watering your seedlings is done by using a Water Can. These can be received as free gifts from your neighbors, or you can purchase them in the FarmVille Market for 1 Farm Cash each. TIP: Start collecting them now, regardless of whether or not you have a seedling on your farm. You're going to need them!

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