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Light-bulbUseful information for PC virus/hacks + info to keep PC running good Plz be careful on what links you click on

by April Evans - Nov 09, 2010 Star_s1,035 views

information aslo to keep your PC running smooth

if u get a virus or hacked way to fix maybe if it hasnt gotten to far along
into your programs that is but if ur pc starts acting weird
I was on farmville working on farm and then
mine started off by saying your not logged into facebook please log in
and that happened on an off for awhile maybe 10-12 times in a 2 hour period
and got worse from there it kept kicking me off facebook and i had to keep
reloggin into my account....
and slowly progresses with shutting off features or opening up
websites that are ads or redirects to sites you didnt intend to go to...

**windows users**
 start pc in SAFE MODE (start up PC then push F8 to start in safe mode)...
then look under control panel for programs and features
there look for any odd programs
that might have installed *look for recent things by recent dates to see if...
anything installed
and uninstall by clicking on them.. then run antivirus program like norton or
mcafee while still in safe mode
then Delete temp files
thats under start menu type in temp
click on temp up top it will open a window
then delete all things there in window also
just highlight all items in popped up window
 and click **Delete button on keyboard
**dont click backspace
thats the *main things to do* also clear cache under internet options
 after getting out of safe mode hope this helps with a Hack or virus
 i dunno why ppl waste time to hack ppl its such a mess I just had a virus
take over my PC today it shut down everything speaker,cam,usb ports,net it was
trying to get into my windows programs system and thanks to my firewalls it was
stopped but it started doing huge memory dumps and i then got I an error blue screen
that was windows protecting my PC and stopping the hack/virus from going further
Thank gawd there.......
or would have been a bigger mess than it was......
and a warning it may have been from a Fv unlimited link i had clicked earlier today**
so be carful lots of whacky's trying to get kicks by hurting others this way......
it was a mess i just Fixed it took hours...... :(
* a good tip is clear cache/cookies files on a regular basis and also to keep PC running faster
you can do a disk clean up on a regular basis also
just go to start menu click on all programs
 find accessories click there
find and click on system tools
click on *disk clean up
click on files from all users on this computer
you should get a popup
(windows needs your permission to continue)
click continue then click ok
on next  popup say ok
then delete in the next popup
this will free up alot of space on your main harddrive
do that often maybe weekly or even evry couple weeks
also under *system tools
there is *disc  defragmenter this is a good thing to do often
it just keeps PC running smoother and faster !!
 It is designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on
a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations, a technique commonly known as defragmenting.
The purpose is to optimize the time it takes to read and write files to/from the disk by minimizing head travel time and maximizing the transfer rate. As of Windows XP, Disk Defragmenter
is also used to improve system startup times.
so do this often :D
**Plz Add to this information if you have any that might help Group Members some ppl
do not know much about PC's so be as specific as you can on How To's plz :D
if you think my information is incorrect anywhere also plz let me know ty so i can edut/ fix this posting :D

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12-em-plus add reply

its a good idea to run chkdsk BEFORE u run disk defragmenter to help remove any "hiccups" to one's hard drives; to run chkdsk (again, BEFORE you run defrag):  save anything you're working on and close all programs; right click on start and click explore; in the left column, towards the top, right click on (C:) and select properties; click on the tools tab and click on check now; select automatically fix file system errors; click start; click schedule disk check; click ok; restart your computer.

also, when you are running disk defragmenter, please set your screen saver to, "None" or it will take a verrry long time to complete defragging your hard drive(s).

do all pc maintenance about once a week (if you use your computer daily) and definitely perform all routine maintenance BEFORE you install any new software.  this will give the new program the best chance of running like its supposed to.

annnnd, don't forget to check for windows updates occasionally, too. (start/control panel/windows updates)


i use ADG inrternet security with ID protection, sypbot and have firwalls up, and ive never had a problem in over 6 years with virusu or malwar, u need to update ur antivirus at least once aweek to make sure it has all updates for latest virus, and i recormend sypbot for all malware as it finds and destoys any that are either on ur pc or try to attck it


Review your Neighbor page weekly. Look for ** ( Unregistered Player )** whomever this individual is has NO farm, NO profile. I tried to get on their farm 3 times and received a notice stating unregistered player. This gave me a bad feeling, ** I removed the player as a neighbor and they completely disappeared. I was expecting to see the Unregistered Player removed as a neighbor and inserted in the non-player section of the Farmville list as other non-players who quit playing *** but they completely disappeared off the page.
So please check your Neighbor page OK ? Make sure their is a farm and a profile with ID#

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