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Light-bulbLinks for boards, nails, bricks?

by Melanie Belson - Nov 09, 2010 Star_s670 views

Does anyone happen to know a link for like unlimited orchard items?  I hate opening 40 special delivery boxes when they also give me bees, vehicle parts, and shovels out of them.  Its a pain in the arse.  Thanks to anyone that helps!  If not guess Im gonna have to deal with it.  Thanks again!

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12-em-plus add reply

the special delivery box will only give you vehicle parts if you have a vehicle not upgraded, itlikewise when you have 500 shovels it stops giving you shovels and when your bee hive is overflowing you get no bees, ISo you can control what you get, I opened enough special delivery boxes to get enough materials to build 30 orchards, and now that my trees are producing saplings and I need water cans it is givng me them. IF you are getting fuel and you dont want fuel go except 200 thins from peoples crafting cottages and tuen them all into fuel _ No more fuel in special delivery boxes.

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