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Light-bulbDoes anyone know an easier way to get nails, boards, and bricks??

by Shelby Stroup - Nov 14, 2010 Star_s342 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, ask some friends you trust to work with you on this: Send a request (to the persons name, not to the feed or as a gift, but a request, so and so needs a what ever, can you help them out kind of request). Have your friends accept the request from the game page, not while on the farm, a new window will come up for them saying something like, you sent so and so a whatever, do you have more gifts to accept? and instead of clicking yes, have them hit the refresh button... every time they do, you will get another and is unlimited. And you can do the same back to them when they request from you.... Works for any item including water cans, for now until Z fixes it :)


you CAN do it without the delivery boxes.........


if you are needing nails etc the use ur special delivery boxes they supply what u ndx


yep there is an easier way to get them, add me an I will tell you how maybe.........


I searched the site but can't seem to find anything that works... if you know one please let me know. If you don't mind sending me a delivery box I'd gladly send one back in return:)


Collect the special delivery boxes, if you do a search on this site it will give you instructions how to get unlimited.

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