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Question-whitePermissions needed to Continue (Part 2)

by Pam Hiob Coakley - Nov 15, 2010 Star_s82 views

This is part two of my prior post.  When I authorized Gamers Unite to access my Wall to see only feeds, the huge advertisement box appeared at the top right side of my Wall.  I did not authorize Gamers Unite to post this huge Ad which reveals way too much info on an app or program I decide to use.  This is against my Privacy preferences.  I sent out an invite to those of my Gaming friends who I thought may be interested in this tool.  I've already been blasted my one friend.  Now you expect me to keep this Ad on my Wall?  NO!  Absolutely NOT.  This is against my Privacy preferences and not all what Gamers Unite stated!

Get the Ad off my Wall and change your wording under "Permissions Required to Continue."  If you want to access Feeds, and you want a "Like" then just do what you've stated!

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12-em-plus add reply

I keep (whene snag bar aws working..which it still is not) this annonying flashing message telling me I am like the 10,000 visitor and I need to click on the flashes and flashes....


Pam, the only "Box" I know of that would appear on your facebook page would be the one that appears on your Gift requests page. That box is there for general instruction on the "One-click Gifts" feature, and is not visible to anyone but yourself.

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