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Light-bulb"Support my cause"

by Rola Touma - Nov 16, 2010 Star_s64 views

Two of my egg buddies friends today sent me a cause to support and that cause is to remove gamers unite application. I feel that is far fetched. I don't know what do they mean by that specially when I know that they play mostly egg buddies, but I am really scared now, will they succeed?
I ignored them both and I am planning to send them messages asking them the reason for creating such a "cause".
Please, could you answer me by assuring me that they will not succeed?
Could anyone tell me if they received such kind of causes today, because it seems something new.

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12-em-plus add reply

by "egg buddies' what do you mean zynga has stopped the chicken/egg coop breeding if thats it and if you dont want remove GU then dont do it ignore the cause and go on

nobody knows who uses the snag bar unless you tell them you can be a member of GU and just use the forums over here also :D

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