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Light-bulbBotanical Garden & Maison - Links to request the building materials you need

by Alan Attebery - May 16, 2010 Star_s3,318 views

FarmVille has ended the Botanical Garden and Maison building. There is no way to send the building materials to your friends. However, FarmVille has NOT YET removed the ability to request the building materials. I've tested these links and they are, as of May 16, 2010, working. So if you need to finish your Botanical Garden or Maison houses, use the links below to request the materials from your friends. But do it quickly. There is no way of knowing how long it will take FarmVille to dismantle these links.

Botanical Garden
Floral Bracket - Glass Sheet - Green Beam - Irrigation Pipe - White Trellis

Aged Brick - Clinging Vine - Paned Window - Slate Tile - Weathered Board

NOTE: - When your friends respond to these requests, the building materials will go straight to your Giftbox. As such, you MUST make sure you have plenty of room in your Giftbox to receive them. Otherwise, you risk losing the materials.

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12-em-plus add reply

My Botanical garden is finnished... Nice. Works like magic lol


Thanks. There seems to be the same bug and things are not saved properly.
I get the items alright to my gift box.
Then once after I use them and logged of FV they vere back in my gift box...
So after that I use them log off. Log on again and check that they are still there.
I had the same problem with the japanese barn.. and the stable. So it something not going ok in FV


i accepted couple of material after that i lost about half what i had initialy


somehow i received all the parts and cant access the frame itself now is anything coming out that needs these parts or should i just delete them


Yayyyyyyyyyy, thank you very much, I was almost ready to delete my Botanical Garden because i didn't think I'd be able to finish it until I got sent gifts through Gamers Unite. Thanks heaps...keep up the awesome work :-)


thanks for this it helped me


thanks so much i didn't get to finish mine and this is a huge help thanks again for posting.


I have added the links to request the building supplies for the Maison house. As of right now, these links work. But don't dawdle.


this is a wicked link. thanks. is there a link for the masion, which i never got finished.


thankyou very much a big help =)

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