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Question-whiteUnable to load Farm if Gamers Unite is snagging... Adobe Flash Plug-In is Continually Crashing!

by Diana Kinzer Heath - Nov 19, 2010 Star_s729 views

For the last couple of days it has been impossible to run my snag bar while trying to load my farm.  As soon as the farm begins to load my Adobe Flash Plug-In crashes.  I always send crash reports, but they must never be paid any attention to.  I have to STOP GU before it will load.  The ads on the GU snagging page are also constantly crashing.  Today, it is even worse than before.  I haven't been able to get my farm to load ONE time with the S B on...  HELP!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Leave your GU on & go use Google Chrome for your farm - works great - it still pauses in the beginning & comes up with windows stating it is not reponding but just click "no" & in less then a minute it will respond & load & works fast like farm used to a couple of weeks ago. I find that Zoo is not working well at all either - I think it is FB screwing everything up as many people are having problems but Google Chrome works great.

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