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Light-bulbHowdy! This is how ya'll can get free Facebook credits!

by Jacky Cheng - Nov 20, 2010 Star_s510 views

well since there are not to many ways to get FREE facebook credits I’m here to tell you ONE great way to get 5 FREE facebook credits.I know you must have looked in a thousand different places to REALLY GET FREE FACEBOOK CREDITS  and found NO possible way to get them with out buying them or completing some stupid survey but I’m here to say i have found a way to get 5 FREE and i said FREE  you don’t have to pay anything or do a really long survey that gets you NO where but in the wrong direction but there is a game on FACEBOOK that is willing to give away 5 FREE FACEBOOK CREDITS  and that game is (HELLO CITY) and all you have to do is…NO SURVEY AND BUNCH OF BULL THAT GETS YOU NO WHERE, complete the first part of the game and get your field laid out and look up at the top of the screen to where it says collect your 5 facebook credits


Read more:
1. Click Account on your FB page (top right)
2. Scroll down to Credit's blance and click that
3. Next to credit's balance on the new screen click "buy now"
4. In the new pop up window click the box that says "earn for free by shopping"
5. Click blue box that says "get credits"
6. Click "more" and then choose "free" on next screen if you get one. It may say there are no offers for your country.

These are Farmville cash.
You can get free Farmville cash by installing the Zynga (Farmville) game bar and participating in the Zynga contests..
You can also convert your Facebook credits into Farmville cash.. That way you get Farmville cash without paying the actual money.. And you can get Facebook credits for free from a lot of applications as well as participating in offers..
There are no cheat codes or cheat engines which give you FV cash.. All of them are scams.So, don't waste time in finding one.
I think you are already aware that when you go up a level you get 1 unit of Farmville cash for free.

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