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Light-bulbWandering Stallion and Foal

by Bebe Lee - Mar 21, 2010 Star_s10,811 views

You may get a popup informing you that a Wandering Stallion appearing on your farm and looking for a shelter. When you post this event to your feed, ten of your FV friends can click on the event to provide a shelter.

If you click one of your friend's Wandering Stallion posts to provide the shelter, the Stallion will be placed in the horse stable directly although you don't see it :). Later you may find a foal that you can share with friends when you harvest the Stable.

The new stable works in a similar way to the Dairy Farm, it produces baby Foals instead of baby Calfs. You can only have one stallion in your stable. Unlike the Lonely Bull, the Wandering Stallion is not a permanent adoptable, it is more of an passing event. The Wandering Stallion doesn't stay on your farm. Each time you harvest from your stable, you must find a new wandering stallion, for the chance to produce a baby foal.

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12-em-plus add reply

Zynga ---> Why can't we buy a white stallion ? It would be nice if a stallion staye in your stable.


now if Zynga would only bring back white stallions. right now i wouldn't care if it was 200 FC if only it was a sure buy an not a mystery box/chest


@bebe You can actually have more than one stallion in your stable if you place your whites in after you claim a wondering then it will accept them. This is one of the methods I use to produce the white foal.


@Lacie, Wandering Stallion leaves after you harvest Horse Stable. White stallion is a permanent resident in your Stable. If you have a White Stallion in your stable, it's much easier to produce foal because you don't need to get Wandering Stallion for every harvest.


What's the difference in the wandering stallion and the white stallion will both produce babies?

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