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Light-bulbFarmville won't load for me in two days

by Tina Brown - Nov 28, 2010 Star_s1,363 views

Farmville Won't load    : I have tried to play farmville for two days now i can't get into my farm what is this  ?  I need too tend to my trees My animals  My Bees U name it I have To harvest them all help please get my farmville back on ok Thank   Tina Brown

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12-em-plus add reply

I was having the same issue what i did was log out of facebook... and deleted all my cookies and search history ect... and I logged back into facebook and went to my farm it worked... try it maybe it will work for you... I have my fingers crossed............ I also have found if you still cant log into farmville.. do a system recovery back to a date that it did work... that should help also ill cross my fingers for you


I seem to be having problems too lately (more days than I want to think and count to come up with the total actually)...
I have noticed (well my hubby, "ItIsTheWiz" actually did while I was telling him about as he looked over my shoulder) that there is an error exclamation mark showing on the bottom left hand corner of the window. He showed me how to acces the error and it says:
Webpage error details

Message: 'feedTimer' is undefined
Line: 316
Char: 2
Code: 0
He then checked to make sure I had the current version of JAVA (he said, "Just to play it safe let's check) and I do. He said when he has time later this week he will look into it for me. In the meantime...
Does anyone know how to work around this error?
I ask, hoping the "Gods" of Gamers Unite will recognize this and explain how to get past it like most problems I have had in the past...
Thanks for all the past help BTW 2!
***Crosses fingers and waits for someone to answer with the answer to fix this***


be thankful its been 2 days. i am going on 10. first it would freeze and crash freeze and crash, zinga isnt even sending a canned reply back to me. its like they are hiding. stupid zinga.

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