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Light-bulbso many fish games

by Anne Sciotto - Mar 21, 2010 Star_s73 views

i have tried fishville, fish life and fish world. please let me know which is the best. i have been concentrating on fish world i love the scenes and decorations, but am confused. Do not have many friends on this game and do not get many gifts.
What are the secrets to leveling up and being able to buy and decorate the tanks?
I know you have to buy the 300 fish first but is that it? Are there any missions u have to do to make money? Do we visit each others tanks?
Please Help

I also play Farmville and Happy Island and love them too. Zoo World is great but i cant get the hang of this Fish World. If you are a player of any of the above i mentioned please ask to be my neighbor. the more the merrier. Send me gifts in fish world and any other and I am great at returning the favor. thanks so much.

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