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Question-whiteThey keep growing back!

by Donna Watson - Dec 01, 2010 Star_s1,265 views

I am sick to the back teeth of clearing the trees away and within a few hours they have all grown back!!! You dont get much energy to start with and you have to collect loads of mushrooms for 20 energy,which means that you are constantly using all the energy on the regrowth! I cannot seem to get anything else done. Why cant the energy situation be a bit more like Frontierville? This is really putting me off this game. Anyone else feels like this too? 

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Matthew can you add me as a friend and neighbour? Thanks!


After you clear you need to buy paths or trees or any type of decor to place in the trees place. they wont grow back. I have on like two trees that i keep so i can get collections after cutting them down.


I bought grass and dirt paths to put down after I cleared it all out and that fixed the problem with the regrowth. :)

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