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Light-bulbso many fish games

by Anne Sciotto - Mar 21, 2010 Star_s773 views

i have tried fishville, fish life and fish world. please let me know which is the best. i have been concentrating on fish world i love the scenes and decorations, but am confused. Do not have many friends on this game and do not get many gifts.
What are the secrets to leveling up and being able to buy and decorate the tanks?
I know you have to buy the 300 fish first but is that it? Are there any missions u have to do to make money? Do we visit each others tanks?
Please Help

I also play Farmville and Happy Island and love them too. Zoo World is great but i cant get the hang of this Fish World. If you are a player of any of the above i mentioned please ask to be my neighbor. the more the merrier. Send me gifts in fish world and any other and I am great at returning the favor. thanks so much.

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12-em-plus add reply

You can add money and XP buy going to neighbours tanks when asked to remove fish hooks, rubbish and clean oil spills the more of these you do the more you earn,you can also earn money by reviveing friends dead fish, you can look on the top rated tanks to visit ,clean tanks and revive fish, and people often use the FW discussion boards to request revivals.Using the new train fish option is helpfull and of course the pull tabs option can be used every hour and if you really are desperate love your fish and everybody elses as well.


Hi Everyone, I need want know how is Fish World cheat and hacker on snag bar, as same like farmville. I still look around fish world cheat and hacker hard time.


Fish World is hands down the best one out there. To level up sell sell sell. Do not keep any of the fish you put in your tank unless they are limited item fish or fishbuck fish. Do not spend the extra money on an algae eater as you lose the xp points you would receive by cleaning your tank. Visit friends and clean tanks for extra cash. For extra coins sell gifts you don't absolutely need or like. Ask friends to gift the Reef 2 as it adds +3 happiness and also sells for 1666 coins. Go to the discussion boards on FW and look for the "Unofficial FW Guide" post. This is the best guide to FW out there. Good luck!


In my opnion Fish world is the best. I have even tried a few other fish games that u didn't even mention. It does take a while to level up in this game but personally i just like the game better. You don't have missions to do. Although I do think that would be a great add on for the makers to think about. I had a lot of problems with fishlife and I didn't like fishville cuz you are so limited on the types of fish and how many.

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