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Light-bulbThe Ameba Pico Informations...:P (2)

by Alyssa Viado - Dec 03, 2010 Star_s1,021 views

To all of Ameba Pico Users,
               Here are some TIPS for all the Pico Users and mostly to the Begginers there...
  To do some EMOTICONS and actions just type the following to the Chat in AP...
  Emoticons[i] :[/i]
  /nekohebi = cat 
 /panda = panda 
 /fun = music or ♫♪ 
 /heart =hearts 
 /thumb = thumbs up 
 /hungry = spoon & fork 
 /insp = lightbulb 
 /conf = confused 
/sad = teardrop 
/angry = mad 
/kiss = kiss or smooch 
[i]  [/i]
[i]Actions :[/i]
 /sit = your Pico will sit
 /stand = Your Pico will stand
 /zzz = Your Pico will sleep
 /min = Your Pico will be small in size
 Press tab twice or once to freeze your pico..You can also slide by clicking anywhere then Press TAB..
 Click the arrow on the top of your pico to change the way your pico's facing at all...
 Tips :
 [b]To get Chocolate Eggs[b](sites):[/b][/b]
[b] Well you can do this in many ways but here are some ways to do it...[/b]
 b.) (Find the gifts at the right side if u can't see it....)
 c.) And many more...
 Instructions :
Just go to the any these links And Just click The number, The Mystery Box #(word) and Others...After That just wait and Click Skip This Ad→ or the ""..Don't Forget to accept each Gift Right Away..And when it says "The gift already accepted" Just refresh your page..
To Get MYSTERY GIFTS[b](sites) :[/b]
Well...There's a lot of Ameba Pico Sites to get gifts from...                                                          EXAMPLES OF THESE ARE :                                                                                                    a.)
Instructions :
***The same Process***
 To Get food(sites) :
  To get Foods...Here are some Ways(You will be amazed) :
Go to any of the sites here and follow the Instructions..
    PICO LINK GIFTS(sites for gifting in PICO) 
                 ~~~~~~And Many More gifts you can get from these SITES~~~~~~
Instructions :
***The same Process*** 
And There's many more fun sites to enjoy and use for gifting yourself in Ameba Pico..
                                  Note: ▲↑This can ALWAYS be REPEATED..↑▲
To Wear clothes in Ocean :
First wear a suit on water,And then Go to closet..After that change your clothes(Any clothes except to a baiting Suit) and then SAVE it then click the arrow on top of your PICO's head fast or in a quick way..And then you already wear clothes in ocean but you cant swim except if you are going back to the shore...
How to wear other shoes in the rink?
      To wear shoes in the rink...It's the same process in wearing clothes in the ocean...First wear your skates and go in the rink...Second, go to closet and wear any shoes except to the skates...third, save it and click the arrow on the top of ur pico... Lastly, enjoy skating around!
How to walk repeatedly in the rink?
     To do it....Simply click the entrance of the rink then click the front of it...Then there u go!
To get/earn Ameba Gold :
To GET :
To get ameba gold click "get ameba gold" then click the kind of payment tahat will be used then,choose how much AG you will buy..
 To EARN :
To earn AG click "get ameba gold" then click EARN AMEBA GOLD then click : "FREE!Earn Ameba Gold",Then just fill up the form and finish and just earn AG in PICO...
To see the GHOST in Edo :
I've NEVER seen the ghost but here's How: To see ghost in EDO just go to : and JUST FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS THERE
Step #1 : Go to CASINO(anywhere like roulette,slot and others).
Step #2 : Click the Board where it says CASINO prizes and SHOP LOUNGE(it says "Click" in color green..Or any tables that has Games to play with...And WAIT..
Step #3 : Click agree In terms of use and click CREATE CASINO CARD..Then wait and then click any card there to get FREE additional CASINO DOLLARS and you can now go in CASINO's PLACES...And That's it!! You can even play
How to walk backwards?
 To walk backwards,there are some ways..But here are the ways I know :
a.) To move along backwards :
First of all, Buy renkan 16... Then normally click where you want to go and do the renkan 16..Then You will walk backwards for that time...Do it as long as you liked to..
b.) To move a little backwards(a step of your pico only)
Buy renkan 10, Then click the renkan #10 action then click the backside of your Pico..And that's all!

How to get Stars and what it is?
   Stars can give you gummies and fill your STAR COLLECTION..And just follow the following tasks like Bow to the queen of the Ancient Egypt..[b]This Can Be found at...[/b]
[b][b]This can be found at[/b][/b]...
At the top of your screen...That is where you can find "Buddies" and your "Gummies"...
[i]Just click it then click a star and then read it and then finally follow the task..[/i]
Captain's Quest :
When u accepted the Invite just complete the 9 Quests and be a real Pirate with help of picos and Captain w/ Dogg & Dugg..And that's it..eheheheh...
What's about it?
What's about it? It's about being a PIRATE!! You can get free pirate clothes(Trainee and Captain),surprise from Dogg,etc.(FUN!)
 Shepherd's Quest :
  When u accepted the Invite just complete the quest everyday and have special gift on the third day...Anyway,Do u asked about where to find the golden mushroom? It can be found at the shining birch tree..And it's in the Secret Forest..You know the spot is? A wooden stump with 2 grasses(near at the edge)...There u can find the secret forest..It's near there..Have fun! 

Thanks a lot for READING!! I just hope that I helped you..You can ask me for some info in pico but I don't know if i can answer...Pls comment..Thank you 
 [b]And Pls Visit this topic Again for you can know the NEW UPDATES I shared                                                [/b]
                                                                           ~By : Alyssa S Viado~
                                                                   `(Pico Name : ~✿ⓐⓨⓔⓝ✿~)`

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