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Light-bulbFarmVille Has Quest Missions Now for Winter Wonderland Quest !!!!!! LOOK HERE + Pics :-)

by April Evans - Dec 04, 2010 Star_s14,431 views
***UPDATED 12/9/2010****
ok so i live chatted with Zynga CS and they said ****DO NOT ADD SNOW AND LIGHTS to your Winter Workshop untill this glitch is fixed where its reverting backwards after you build it ******so please wait to add snow and lights to winter workshop and if you have added this snow and lights to it Just remove the snow and lights They are aware of this issue and are working to fix it .....if you email them or live chat them they MAY give you all your building materials to replace what you lost so you can rebuild it again**** thats just a guess **** so try it under farmville supprot*****
So Far I have clicked on Posts from my Wall and got
a Pine Tree , and Lights , and a Special Reindeer , also a Silver Nutcracker and a  Holly Arch and Holiday cookies
so Please add this new Quest to the Bar to pick up items ! Thanks GU
We are slowing rolling out this feature. Some of you may not see it for some time, so please be patient while we test it out.

Coupled together with the introduction of the Winter Workshop, the Winter Wonderland Quest is a mission to make your farm into a beautiful wonderland. And you’ll get some cool gifts for finishing this multi-stage quest, so why not get started?

You can see the quest icon at the lower left-hand side of the game. It’ll look something like this:

Click on the quest icon will bring up the quest window, which will display your current quest, your quest progress and objectives. The first Winter Wonderland Quest window looks like this:

As shown, the quest objectives are to:
  • Place a Winter Workshop on your farm and
  • Buy 1 Candy Arch, which you can get in the Market.

You’ll see a green checkmark by the objectives you’ve already finished. You can click “Okay” to close the window; the icon will still appear on the lower left.

Once these objectives are all reached you’ll see the completion window:

And once you close that window, the prizes will automatically be given to you (in this instance, the Pine Tree will go into your Gift Box) and you’ll return to your farm. You also have the option to Share the special gift (the Pine Tree) with your friends by making a post to your feed.

A new icon will show up if there is a next part to the Winter Wonderland Quest (there are a few more to do):

Here you can see three quest objectives; for this one you can see I’ve already added some parts to my Winter Workshop but haven’t gotten the new snow blanket for my farm, or acquired the holiday lights. For these, you can see that you have the option of posting a request to your feed, asking for Holiday Lights (“Ask Friends”) or you can simply purchase these lights for 10 Farm Cash (“Skip FV 10”). These should show up in your Gift Box (they won't be immediately credited against the quest objective if you get them from friends).

The rest of the Winter Wonderland Quests are similar in structure, but we don’t want to give it all away—you should experience it for yourself!

Go on a wintry quest today in FarmVille!
Third Quest :
aprilFv winter Quest
april fv Winter
april FV winter
This is the end.. :)
reward was 1000xp and 15,000 coins ,able to decorate everything with snow and lights :)
So when you want to Decorate with snow and Lights just click on an Item and see if it can be decorated it will outline in Pink and then just click snow and lights both !!
***But there are alot of things that cannot be Decorated so Far unless Z changes it ??
So far some Trees and Barns and Toy Store ,Holiday Post office, Wreath fence from last year I am not sure what all can be decorated yet but I notice Alot of things Cannot !!******Smile

Pine Cone Tree:             mastery sign :        White pine spawned from Pine cone Tree :

fvaprilwinter    winter                         winter


Silver Nutcracker :      Lights :               Holly Wreath Arch :

winter         winter                        winter


Reindeer :                                    Holiday treat cookies :

winter                                    aprilfvwinter

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Thanks And Keep It Up


Absolutely, it was last years. I hope they don't use it again. I didn't like last years so much.


I hope people looking at this realize this was last years


i feel they need to make the goals easier so that people with less friends can get to a high level as everyone else or maybe they should give out the item your trying to get if people dont send them to you earn then by harvesting animals or trees


i also had snow globe from winter collection and it dissapeared also help!!!!


clik here and send pls>>>>


i didn get my lights


I am selling off cookies and lights it says for 100$ but I'm not even being credited for the money. My quest stopped and never had to use cookies. Oh Well. It will probably work after I've gotten rid of what I've saved.


I didnt get to use my lights cookies are wrapping paper. Mine stopped at level 3 dont no what to do with the stuff now. Everytime you try to use it, it says you cant use this yet. What do you do with it.


My quests stopped after gift wrap and harvesting winter workshop I believe it was quest three never got to cookies or lights I've been holding them waiting for another mission and when I try to use it says you are not on this quest. WHAT HAPPENED?


Winter wonderland stuff is not working I have been asking for help I got ziltch big fat zero is it working for anyone




I have turned of the lights and snow but each time i close and return to my farm they are on again and i still cant get to level iv so am holding lots of cookies and lights and wrapping paper in my gifts in hope that this will be fixed soon so i can complete the level. I always get the message 'whoa you are not on this level yet'!! for both the holiday lights and the cookies and wrapping paper....


i just dont have the quest anymore where did it go


I never didn't get my mastery sign for the tree. And couldn't pass the lights on to someone else just a deer. Oh and Lisa you can sell the cookies for $100 also. I figure the wrapping paper is coming up for something else I haven't gotten to yet.

You will also get unlimited lights and snow as a gift for finishing a quest btw.


享受一整天聖誕冒險。 讓我們的1日票,迅速行動!


I have noticed that the only thing that you can sell for cash is the wrapping paper which sells for $100


I have finished all of these quests and have a ton of the wrapping paper, cookies, and lights left over from snagging but if you try to sell it says 0 coins and it won't let you use for anything else so I don't know if they will be rolling anything else out for them. Anyone else have a clue?


Only I am the man who is not having any problem.The lights are not for decorations they are for the quests same for wrapping paper and cookies.And those who wastes Fv for building are fools you should just take the help of snagbar and your friends and you should have only six of the above mentioned items lights wrapping paper and holiday cookies.

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