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Question-whitehow do I rename my town?

by Birgit Schultz - Dec 04, 2010 Star_s17,861 views

Does any1 know how I can change the name of my town?

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12-em-plus add reply

To Rename My Businesses & Town Name Do We Have To Upgrade Clerk's Office To Level 3 Or Can We When Where Only At Level 1


You click the Clerk's office.. either you can pay with cityville cash or approval from atleast 5 friends.


Please contact CityVille Customer Support if you wish to rename your city or business.

Make sure to provide us with the new name for your city and your business (i.e." I want to rename my city so and so or "I want to rename my Toy Store so and so"). Please bear in mind that the new name mustn't contain offensive, rude or profane words and must be less than 18 characters. Also, remember that City is still in beta and many changes are made while the developers fine tune the game's features and functionality.

Important note: Our customer support team is, at present, happy to help you rename your city and business however this may be subject to changes at any moment and without notice. Please remember that CityVille is still in beta phase; our developers are constantly working on improving the app.


Contact Customer service and tell them what you want to rename your town or business. Include new name. Cannot be offensive and less than 18 characters or up to 18 characters.


its bot impossible. here is an example

you want to rename a coffee shop, delete every coffee shop you have and then when you re build it and finish its construction you can rename it.

This is the only way you can rename stuff for now, hope it helps



It's impossible for now.


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