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Light-bulbESPNU promo codes!!! (MORE THAN TEN CODES!!! )

by Kaitlyn Hernandez - Dec 05, 2010 Star_s28,333 views

So as most of you, I searched and searched for promo codes; and only found one or two at a time... But I've decided to make it a little easier...
Here is a list I've collected so far:
THE ONES LISTED RIGHT BELOW ARE THE NEWEST ONES...If you're having trouble accessing, let me know!
espnradio ( NEW) for ESPN Radio Tower
statefarm ( NEW) for Statefarm Set
colin ( NEW) for Colin Cowherd Statue
michelle ( NEW) for Michelle Beadle Statue
tournamentchallenge (New) for ESPN Tournamet Challenge Arena
5dlrsub (New) for Subway Restaurant
fridaynightfights (New) for Friday Night Fights
arcadehoops for ESPN Arcade Hoops

[b]SigningDay for Football Player Card
XGamesVert[/b] for XGames Vert Ramp
winterxpipe for Winter X Games Half Pipe
winterxcourse for Winter XGames Snowmobile SnoCross 
(not sure if the ones listed below are still active, but I left them up just in case)
86R3c1B3 for UNC’s Old
(+850 school spirit!!)
cr1ocmeb for Bed
& Breakfast
(+15 students every 20 mins)
pl4lassv for Circle
 (+25 school spirit, or sells for 7,500 coins!)
myr9czto for Bbq
(90 coins per 2 hours, or sell it for 1,800 coins)
k35hEUc1 for Football
(+850 school spirit!)
sportsnation for Sports
Nation Pool
(+1,250 school spirit!!!)
7E1UeRZh for 10,000 Coins
 (10,000 coins!!!...simple as that)
espnarcade for Espn

  (30 coins per 15 mins)
carniball for ESPN Carniball 
(30 coins per 15 mins)
JimmyV for JimmyV statue (+500 school spirit!)
After you enter the codes you use, be sure to refresh the page so they appear in your gift inventory!
If you use these codes, like this(that way I know if I should continue adding these types of posts in the future)!!! :D

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awesome and fab


none of the promo codes work for me. what do i do?


where to use these promo codes. can anyone tell me please ?

thank you


Just found some more promo codes :) hope they help!

(please read my other comment right below this one...the first set of codes are newer than the second set on the post)


hey everyone, I haven't been on in awhile, haha.

But the codes, you may try to use them. Some people are saying they work, some say they don't.
As to whether or not they do, I can't tell, considering I've already used them.
Regardless, good luck to everyone playing! :)

P.S And if I happen to be roaming the internet, full of boredom, and find some more, I'll update my post :)


yeahh woww very nice thanx


codes for the month of july not old ones


None of these codes work! dont use them!


thats very very GOOD


yeah that`s very good

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