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Light-bulbCityVille Level Overview

by Chris Winfrey - Dec 06, 2010 Star_s1,518 views

Here is the required experience points needed for each level and the maximum energy for each level.


<level num="1" requiredXP="0" energyMax="12"  

<level num="2" requiredXP="4" energyMax="13"  

<level num="3" requiredXP="16" energyMax="14"

 <level num="4" requiredXP="31" energyMax="15"  

<level num="5" requiredXP="78" energyMax="16"

 <level num="6" requiredXP="125" energyMax="17"  

<level num="7" requiredXP="172" energyMax="18"

 <level num="8" requiredXP="219" energyMax="19"  

<level num="9" requiredXP="276" energyMax="20"

 <level num="10" requiredXP="343" energyMax="21"  

<level num="11" requiredXP="420" energyMax="21"  

<level num="12" requiredXP="507" energyMax="22"  

<level num="13" requiredXP="604" energyMax="22"  

<level num="14" requiredXP="711" energyMax="23"  

<level num="15" requiredXP="828" energyMax="23"  

<level num="16" requiredXP="955" energyMax="24"  

<level num="17" requiredXP="1092" energyMax="24"  

<level num="18" requiredXP="1239" energyMax="25"  

<level num="19" requiredXP="1396" energyMax="25"  

<level num="20" requiredXP="1563" energyMax="26"  

<level num="21" requiredXP="1740" energyMax="26"  

<level num="22" requiredXP="1927" energyMax="27"  

<level num="23" requiredXP="2124" energyMax="27"  

<level num="24" requiredXP="2331" energyMax="28"  

<level num="25" requiredXP="2548" energyMax="28"  

<level num="26" requiredXP="2775" energyMax="29"  

<level num="27" requiredXP="3003" energyMax="29"  

<level num="28" requiredXP="3232" energyMax="30"  

<level num="29" requiredXP="3462" energyMax="30"  

<level num="30" requiredXP="3693" energyMax="30"  

<level num="31" requiredXP="3925" energyMax="30"  

<level num="32" requiredXP="4158" energyMax="30"  

<level num="33" requiredXP="4392" energyMax="30"  

<level num="34" requiredXP="4627" energyMax="30"  

<level num="35" requiredXP="4863" energyMax="30"  

<level num="36" requiredXP="5100" energyMax="30"  

<level num="37" requiredXP="5338" energyMax="30"  

<level num="38" requiredXP="5577" energyMax="30"  

<level num="39" requiredXP="5817" energyMax="30"  

<level num="40" requiredXP="6058" energyMax="30"  

<level num="41" requiredXP="6300" energyMax="30"  

<level num="42" requiredXP="6543" energyMax="30"  

<level num="43" requiredXP="6787" energyMax="30"  

<level num="44" requiredXP="7032" energyMax="30"  

<level num="45" requiredXP="7278" energyMax="30"  

<level num="46" requiredXP="7525" energyMax="30"  

<level num="47" requiredXP="7773" energyMax="30" 

<level num="48" requiredXP="8022" energyMax="30"  

<level num="49" requiredXP="8272" energyMax="30" 

<level num="50" requiredXP="8523" energyMax="30"

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12-em-plus add reply

they need to up that energy or give us a way to purchase it without using CV$.


Damn 30 energy is max? That is way too low

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