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Light-bulbCityVille Reputation Level Overview

by Chris Winfrey - Dec 06, 2010 Star_s1,753 views

Here is the required reputation points needed to reach each level.


<level num="1" requiredXP="0" /> 

<level num="2" requiredXP="10" /> 

<level num="3" requiredXP="25" /> 

<level num="4" requiredXP="45" /> 

<level num="5" requiredXP="70" /> 

<level num="6" requiredXP="100" /> 

<level num="7" requiredXP="200" /> 

<level num="8" requiredXP="300" /> 

<level num="9" requiredXP="400" /> 

<level num="10" requiredXP="500" /> 

<level num="11" requiredXP="600" /> 

<level num="12" requiredXP="700" /> 

<level num="13" requiredXP="800" /> 

<level num="14" requiredXP="900" /> 

<level num="15" requiredXP="1000" />

  <level num="16" requiredXP="1100" /> 

<level num="17" requiredXP="1200" /> 

<level num="18" requiredXP="1300" /> 

<level num="19" requiredXP="1400" /> 

<level num="20" requiredXP="1500" /> 

<level num="21" requiredXP="1750" /> 

<level num="22" requiredXP="2000" /> 

<level num="23" requiredXP="2500" /> 

<level num="24" requiredXP="3000" /> 

<level num="25" requiredXP="3500" /> 

<level num="26" requiredXP="4000" /> 

<level num="27" requiredXP="4500" /> 

<level num="28" requiredXP="5000" /> 

<level num="29" requiredXP="6000" /> 

<level num="30" requiredXP="7000" /> 

<level num="31" requiredXP="8000" /> 

<level num="32" requiredXP="9000" /> 

<level num="33" requiredXP="10000" />

  <level num="34" requiredXP="11000" /> 

<level num="35" requiredXP="12000" /> 

<level num="36" requiredXP="13000" /> 

<level num="37" requiredXP="14000" /> 

<level num="38" requiredXP="15000" /> 

<level num="39" requiredXP="16000" /> 

<level num="40" requiredXP="17000" /> 

<level num="41" requiredXP="18000" /> 

<level num="42" requiredXP="19000" /> 

<level num="43" requiredXP="20000" /> 

<level num="44" requiredXP="21000" /> 

<level num="45" requiredXP="22000" /> 

<level num="46" requiredXP="23000" /> 

<level num="47" requiredXP="24000" /> 

<level num="48" requiredXP="25000" /> 

<level num="49" requiredXP="30000" /> 

<level num="50" requiredXP="35000" />

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12-em-plus add reply

I think they will add new items and lvls like they did in Farmville.
Also it is not that easy to avoid xp as it is in Farmville...


It does not enable us to unlock any special item or it gives us XP to increase level further, does it have any positive impact in going ahead in the game??

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