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Light-bulbSend and receive gifts?

by Tenaej Michel - Dec 07, 2010 Star_s2,709 views

I can't send any gifts and I can't ask for gifts? Is there any other way to ask for the stuff I needed for the schoolmission?

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12-em-plus add reply

not sure if this is related,,, but when I use the gift exchange I dont get the amount of gifts in cityville thats suppose to be from here for instant GU will say I have 7 of something then when I check CV it will say I have 2 of that gift. very frustrating


I have not been able to accept any gifts for almost a month now. The only thing I seem to be able to do is help out with buildings. I have been in contact with Zynga on an almost daily basis, and all they seem to keep telling me is they are working on it. The latest to my problems now is that I can't even visit neighbor's without seeing we have lost internet connection please refresh


I also can't accept or return gifts for about 2 weeks now. Everything else works. This is getting very frustrating at this time. I realy hope they fix this soon.


In normal play (not GU) I can do neighbors requests for items gifts and crew, but when I try to access the gifts they send me all I get are dots where the accept bar was. I've decided not to accept any gifts for a few day, only trying to accept permits or energy, until I see an honest accepted acknowledgement. The gifts for the bridge are too important to lose.


I had the same problem and contacted zynga directly. I wasn't able to send any requests since Friday and never heard a response after I sent an email yesterday. I ended up buying the stupid items with the city cash because I was tired of waiting for it to be resolved. Wish they would give the cash back when they fix it though.

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