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Question-whiteSome Cityville questions

by Kelly Heslin - Dec 13, 2010 Star_s1,986 views

So I did one "bring the fair" misson.  When I finished it, nothing happened.  No new missions, and I can't buy the carousel yet.  What else am I supposed to do to bring the fair so I can get that building?

Also, when I go to buy a new expansion, it says I need permits or whatever, but it hasn't let me ask for one for about 2 days.  Short of using real money, how do I get more land if I can't ask for permits?

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12-em-plus add reply

hi, how can i remodel buildings?


I love playing cityville but here lately i have moved some things around and it says saving city but after a while it says sorry were having trouble saving so i click on it and it goes back to were it was when i started.. soo im getting tired of doing it over and over so sammantha you better update or fix the problem or im quiting even though i dont want to because i love playing but if im going to play i want my city the way i want to because it says build your city of dreams and i cant get mine the way i want to our im not going to quit playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, you could try looking here: Apparently they changed some of the tasks, so it might be you need something else?
I've placed my carousel and French restaurant but the quests are still waiting for me to place them?? Any ideas?? GRRRRRRR


hi rhonda having the sam problem i have done the state fair mission which was to collect 30 times from house and buisness which i have done but nothing has now popped up any ideas


UPDATE: Apparently after I finished the shipping mission, another state fair mission popped up called State Fair part one AGAIN, only it was about having 5 cows and 5 pigs and something else (prep tent?). After that, the carousel mission popped up and I was able to build.


Two ways to get zoning permits without asking:

1. Add them to your wishlist in hopes a neighbor will give you one
2. Send them out as free gifts and maybe your neighbors will send one back in return

As far as the carousel, I am at a loss myself, I finished the quest as far as I know, and I have enough money to buy it....but mine is grayed out too. The only active mission I have right now to finish is the italian restaurant one. Anyone else have this problem?

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