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Light-bulbDo people not understand what coop means????

by Jamie Bierman - Dec 13, 2010 Star_s94 views

So sick and tired of people join job and plant totally different stuff.only 2or 3 of my 50 nbors understand what a co op means .what is the deal????

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12-em-plus add reply

Hey guys! Sometimes people simply forget that they are in a co-op! It happened to me twice...
Cheer up and do not lose yr patience! Happy New Year to all dedicated farmers!!!


This aggravated me to no end. I finally thought, who need neighbors like that, so I started deleted anyone who took a free ride on the co-op. I see posts by players who think this is alright to do since it is allowed in the game. I consider it dirty pool. I would say get some new neighbors.


I don't know what to say other than delete them from your friends lol


OR they join and NOT plant anything....DUH !!!!!!!
I had to start my own,cause,they are all doing "crafting". Oh well. You can join mine AND later I'll join yours.

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