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Light-bulbHow to Level up on my town !

by Tyra Mayo - Mar 22, 2010 Star_s2,288 views

It's easy. Whenever you get a item you get a notice congratulating you on buying it or having it in your town. ( For example, if you get a water tower in your town you'll be congradulated) 1. Place your item ( In this case I'll be using a water tower) in your town and keep doing it over and over, etc. Then once you reach a higher level delete the towers/items. :D the best part is you get new items and you never lose your Leveling up ! So if i explained that right please do so. I went from level 14, to 20! Good luck.

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12-em-plus add reply

or buy/sell gas staions i got to lvl 22 on my 2nd day :)

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